[Video] How to Design a Personalized Mug using Jamphoto Software

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How to Design a personalized mug using Your Photos and Text

How to Design a Personalized Mug using your Photos

This video shows how to Design and Print #Personalized #Mugs using Jamphoto Software.
#WhiteMugs, #InnerColorMugs, #CoupleMugs, #MagicMugs, Gold or Silver Mugs
#JamPhoto Free Software එකෙන් කැමති විදිහට ෆොටෝ, ලෝගෝ වචන හෝ අකුරු යොදාගෙන නිවසේ සිටම ඩිසයින් කල හැක. ඔන්ලයින් Order කල පසු ගෙදරටම නොමිලේ Deliver කරනු ලැබේ..
You don’t need any photoshop or other editing software experience. Visit our website for more information http://jamphoto.lk/

Posted by Jamphoto on Saturday, July 29, 2017


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