How to Design a Personalized 2018 Calendar Online

1. Install JamPhoto Software

If you haven’t downloaded and installed our Software please click below link to learn basic steps to download and install Jamphoto designer software which allows you to design amazing personalized calendars using your photos.

How to Download and install Jamphoto software. That is a very basic level tutorial for installing the software.

If you know the basic steps of installing a software you can download our software directly from This link.

2. Create New Project or Open Saved Project

Once you have opened Jamphoto Software, You will see three options

  1. First option is to create a new Project. it has templates to design photo books, mugs and lots of other personalized photo gifts.
  2. You can click the second option “Open an Existing Project” to open saved projects. i will show how to save ongoing photo albums ,mugs, frames design projects in the end of this article.
  3. Third option is the shopping card. this is where you can keep finished projects till you complete the payments and upload the design to our servers.

Click the First option to start Designing your own Personalized Desk Calendar or Customized Wall Calendar.

JamPhoto Designer Software

3. Scroll down and select “Standard Calendar Collection”

Scroll down and double click on Standard Calendar Collection image to check all the Calendar types we have. feel free to browse other personalized gift items we have listed on Jamphoto designer software.

 2018 calendar sri lanka add photo logo personalized custom

 4. Select the Calendar type and size to start adding your photos

You will see multiple calendar types on this window. we will add or remove calendar types time to time. so product list may look different than this when you use our software.

Double click on your calendar type to start uploading images. you need 12 or more photos for 12 months and another image/s for the Calendar cover.

This page shows the full price of the product even after we have started discounts of special offers. so check our Special offers and coupons page to check if there are discounts.

if we have added coupons or offers for Calendars, you can add coupon codes on step 10 on this tutorial.

 custom sri lanka holidays calendar with photos 2018 free design online

5. Browse your computer and add your photos. you can use photos taken from your phone, Facebook or Camera

Important : keep all the images in a single folder and make sure you won’t rename or delete those photos from that location till you finish your design and upload it to our servers. if you lose your photos from that location before you upload the project, you will find errors in your Calendar artwork.

Import all images you want to add. you can add or remove photos later too. but to proceed to the next step you have to select atleast 12 photos

custom corporate calendar printing best sri lankacustom corporate calendar printing best sri lankacustom corporate calendar printing best sri lankabulk calendar printing sri lanka 2018 calendar

6. Give a proper name so you can find them later if you have multiple designs

Give a project name that makes you easy to find saved projects or track your orders. good examples like “Calendar for office” , “Super heroes Calendar” “Desk Calendar for Home” “Wall Calendar gift for parents”

2018 Calender photo print sri lanka colombo bambalapitiya design online

7. Design your Calendar Cover ( Add photos, frames, text and add photo & text effects )

Check below screenshot. you can add more photos in this designer window. this is where you design your 2018 Calendar cover and pages.

Click on the second image and check what i have done. I have dragged an image from the left side image panel to the empty image box on the cover page

then i have clicked on the Masks tab on bottom footer area and dragged a frame to image box. then i went to the right side panel and clicked on the second tab which has image attributes.

then i have clicked on the “Auto enhance” option. by using this option you can color manage and improve color quality of your photos without any designing knowledge.

this option works for more than 95% photos. if you don’t like that “Auto enhanced” version of a photo, then simply deselect it again to get the original look back.

Remember : you have to select the image box first to add the Auto Enhance option. Try other options on the right side panel and all the mask types.

2018 personalized Calendar design online sri lanka best print quality

how to design 2018 custom calendar with photo logo and text office personal corporate bulk

8. Try Different Settings on the right side options panel

As you can see below i have added multiple image boxes and text boxes (To the Cover). Also you will see i have used a full size image on the background and reduced opacity to look transparent with the white background. also i have rotated few photo frames and added white border to them. the last one has rounded corners. all the photos are color enhanced. you can add all these effects using the right side options panel. look at the screenshots below.

add your photos and design photo frames online

You can see that the right side panel has 5 tabs. first tab is the basic rotation, border and drop shadow options for image placeholders. second tab is for image enhancements. there is an option called “Auto enhance” you can select it and deselect it to check if the old or new color settings which works fine and use it. third tab is only applicable for text boxes. you can change the font, size and colors. also you can add few more text effects. try all these features so you will be able to design amazing photo gifts for your friends and customers.

photo and text settings designer software

9. Add Poya and other government holidays automatically

You can easily add all Poya days and Other Holidays to your calendar using our software.

Double click on any date on the calendar to open the calendar events window

2018 calendar holidays personalized sri lanka

Go to Events tab and select which holidays you want to appear on your calendar. you can go to styles tab and change colors and appearance of your calendar

10. Add Clip arts or your friend images to remember special days like birth days. add photos near the special day

Most of the online designers only let you change the photo. but Jamphoto designer let’s you design amazing personalized calendars for 2018 using unlimited images and text

for an example let’s add heart image near Valentines day and Sri lankan Flag image near February 4th.

Go to google and click on image search. then type which kind of image you want. click on the image and zoom it like shown below. then right click and save it to your computer.

then import image to Jamphoto designer tool as we did in the step 7. then drag the image from the left panel to your calendar window. no image box needed.

after that resize the image holding the shift key. then move the image near to the date you want to remember.

this is the best way to track your friend’s birthdays. look what i have done in step 10 screenshot.

2018 calendar custom logo office photo birthday baby wedding love

11. Save, Preview or Upload your design and order your personalized 2018 Calendar

Go to each page (page navigator on top) and do the designs as you wish. change photos as you like. add more photos, clip arts mark birthdays and special dates.

Check if the year and month appear right. or resize text boxes. Then go to file menu and save it if you want to continue designing later or order later.

you can click the Preview button as shown below to check the final design.

Click on the shopping cart button to start ordering process which you have to enter your name, email and delivery address ( Home or Office address with a contact no, we deliver for free )

You will see options to add Voucher codes or gift card codes to get discounts on this process.


design print 2018 calendar love baby office friend birthday custom personalize sri lanka best cheap

12. Save Before close the project

Go to file menu and save the project so you can modify this again or order it later. if you are ready to order this design you can click on the shopping cart icon and continue the order process. for that click on our Tutorials section for ordering and payment options.

Design photos plymounts online

13. We are here to help

Once you have finished the design you can upload the artwork to our servers. you can pay online or deposit money to our bank accounts.

if you are on a busy schedule or you are not allowed to install softwares on office computers, we can do the design for you. but we will have to hire someone for that so we will add a small design charge for your order if you want us to do the design. Go to our contact page or Facebook page to get our phone numbers or message us via email. also you can message to our facebook page. you will get all the information from our contact page.
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