How to Design a Photo Album using Jamphoto Software

1. Install JamPhoto Software

If you haven’t downloaded and installed our Software please click below link to learn basic steps to download and install Jamphoto designer software which allows you to design amazing photo album.

How to Download and install Jamphoto software. That is a very basic level tutorial for installing the software.

If you know the basic steps of installing a software you can download our software directly from This link.

2. Create New Project or Open Saved Project

Once you have opened Jamphoto Software, You will see three options

  1. First option is to create a new Project. it has templates to design photo books, mugs and lots of other personalized photo gifts.
  2. You can click the second option “Open an Existing Project” to open saved projects. i will show how to save ongoing photobook design projects within next few steps
  3. Third option is the shopping card. this is where you can keep finished projects till you complete the payments and upload the design to our servers.

Click the First option to start Designing your own Personalized Photo Album.

JamPhoto Designer Software

3. Select the Book Type you want to Design

Jam Photo designer software allows you to create Three types of PhotoBooks

  1. Image wrap Hard Cover Standard Photo Book. Click here to Check Information, Photos and Prices for Standard Photo Books.
  2. Spiral Photo Albums. Click here to Check Information, Photos and Prices for Standard Photo Books.
  3. Third Type is Professional Photo books. These Books are printed on High Quality Water Proof papers with 200 years of guarantee. Luxury binding methods used in professional books. basically these are the Magazine wedding albums you purchase from your studio.

For this Tutorial i will Start Designing a Standard Photo Book (Image wrap Hard cover Photo book). Double click on the Standard photo book icon

JamPhoto Designer Photobooks mugs online sri lanka

4. Now select your photo book size and Orientation

We have Both landscape and Portrait photo albums. also we have few square size photo books. Each size has different prices. Select the photo book size your want to design. Double click on the album icon to open the Designer. For this tutorial i will start Designing A4 size Landscape photobook.

Online photo album design software colombo sri lanka

5. Get help from Wizard or start from the beginning to design your own layouts

You have two options to start designing a photobook. Wizard will reduce the steps and automate few steps for you to design the photo book easily and faster.

If you are familiar with the software you will definitely go to standard process by skipping the Wizard.

But since this is your first time we will Select the “Use Wizard” Option

create photo albums and print sri lanka jamphoto

7. Import your photos to Photo Book Project

You can use Photos from Facebook, Flikr, Photos taken from your Phone or Camera

We recommend you to save all the photos in a single folder before importing to the project.

Also make sure you will not rename or move these photos till you finish the design and upload it to our servers. else you will get errors when you are uploading the album.

Click Add Photos Icon and start adding your photos as shown below.

Create photo albums photobooks using my photos camera or phone

8. Import All Photos

it will be easier to import all the photos including backgrounds. Check photo count and verify everything. then click next. You can add photos later too.

Design photo books and print online free software

9. Select Page count

Use the slider to select how many pages you want in your album. by default all the photo books prices are created for 40 pages album.

if you add additional pages, prices will be changed slightly. a “page” is a side of a paper. so your photo album will have 20 double side printed papers.

each paper will be counted as 2 pages(sides)

design photo albums online jamphoto

10. Select Background Color or Design

We have added few background designs you can use with your photo album. You can use your own images as backgrounds also. you can do it when you are adding images to pages.

For now i will select the White color. scroll down in backgrounds list and select white color. you can select different option if you like. then click next.

now JamPhoto software will start filling your photos to per-defined album layout and show you a preview.

Design online photo albums and print sri lanka colombo

11. Check automated Photo book layout

Use the navigation buttons (1) to check your photo album layout. click play button to play all the photos like a slide show.

after reviewing the layout click next. you can change all these layouts and photos once the design wizard is finished.

School wedding photobook design print online

12. Design the Cover

First let’s go through some basics of Jamphoto designer software and identify the interface.

  1. This is the Image list. these are the photos you have imported in the wizard. click the + button on the image pane to add more photos
  2. Page styles pane : This is where you will see all pre-defined layouts you can drag and drop to design area.
  3. Drag and drop photos from pictures pane to picture boxes.
  4. Pages pane, This panel will show you the Cover and other pages in your photo album. you can simply switch pages by clicking on these previews.
  5. Design Area. This is where you have to place your photos and text.

Wedding albums friendship albums baby photo albums design sri lanka

you can add image boxes and text boxes using these two buttons.make sure you will use all image boxes and photos inside these white area. Blue color area will be removed when binding the Album. simply remove all the image boxes by right click and delete them or just select them and press delete button. then click on image box button to add image placeholders or text boxes.

Wedding albums friendship albums baby photo albums design sri lanka

You can use full width images across the cover or pages. to do that, insert an image placeholder and resize it using the corner handle.

Wedding albums friendship albums baby photo albums design sri lanka

13. Change page styles as you like

As i have mentioned earlier you can change page layouts. I have selected page 2-3 spread and going to change the layout of the page 3.

for that i have clicked page 2-3 spread on pages page (#1) then dragged a single page layout from Page styles pane (#2) you will see the result on next step.

design baby photo albums wedding albums free online

14. Add effects to image placeholders

In the previous step we have added a different page layout. you can see how i have added photos to that page style. now in this step you will learn few tricks to add some effects to image placeholders. first click an image placeholder then go to right side panel.

  1. you can use the first part of that panel to change the corner type of image boxes.
  2. You can use these options to add a color frame to your image placeholders. i have also added rounded corners to this sample also
  3. These options let’s you to add drop shadows to your photo place holders. Rounded corners added to this sample also.

free design photo albums wedding baby friends school office wild life

15. Edit your Photos

We have added few features for you to enhance your photos. to add effects to your photos, first click on a photo (image placeholder) and click the icon marked in the image shown below

you can change image orientation and flip the image using the first part

“Auto Enhance” is another great feature we have added to our software. click image placeholders and select Auto-Enhance feature. now our software will analyze your photo and do some changes. since this process is automated sometimes you might see the normal look is better than the enhanced version. if you think normal look is fine, you can deselect the auto-enhance option for that photo. but in my experience auto-enhance feature works more than 95% of the photos.

Third option is vignette. you can change colors, size and blur levels. please try these features and try to find your own settings to design your photo albums.

wedding photo albums wild life baby photo albums design online sri lanka

16. Resize image or image placeholders

You might see some photos like these which not fitted nicely. you can fix them by double clicking on the image placeholder and resizing image as shown in these two screenshots.

 online design photo albums baby office wedding wild life travel tour visa
This is how you can select the area you should preview on your image placeholder. you will see the final output of this edit on next step.
online design photo albums baby office wedding wild life travel tour visa

17. Save the project for editing later or uploading to JamPhoto Servers

Now you can see both images are fixed nicely to photo frames which we have modified in the previous step.

go to file menu and click save to save the album. album will save in default locations you can open them in welcome window of Jamphoto software.

Please Check Step 1 again.

Design photo albums online free software easy steps baby album sri lanka

18. We are here to help

Once you have finished the design you can upload the artwork to our servers. you can pay online or deposit money to our bank accounts.

if you are on a busy schedule or you are not allowed to install softwares on office computers, we can do the design for you. but we will have to hire someone for that so we will add a small design charge for your order if you want us to do the design. Go to our contact page to get our phone numbers or message us via email. also you can message to our facebook page. you will get all the information from our contact page.


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