How to Design a PlyMount Photo Frame

1. Install JamPhoto Software

If you haven’t downloaded and installed our Software please click below link to learn basic steps to download and install Jamphoto designer software which allows you to design amazing photo frames using your photos. PlyMount Photo Frame is a great personalized photo gift idea.

How to Download and install Jamphoto software. That is a very basic level tutorial for installing the software.

If you know the basic steps of installing a software you can download our software directly from This link.

2. Create New Project or Open Saved Project

Once you have opened Jamphoto Software, You will see three options

  1. First option is to create a new Project. it has templates to design photo books, mugs and lots of other personalized photo gifts.
  2. You can click the second option “Open an Existing Project” to open saved projects. i will show how to save ongoing photobook ,mug, frame design projects in the end of this article.
  3. Third option is the shopping card. this is where you can keep finished projects till you complete the payments and upload the design to our servers.

Click the First option to start Designing your own Personalized PlyMount Photo Frame.

JamPhoto Designer Software

3. Select PlyMount Photo Frame

Scroll down and double click on Plymount Frames. feel free to browse other personalized gift items we have listed on Jamphoto designer software.

online design and print PlyMount Photo Frame sri lanka

4. Select PlyMount Photo Frame size

We have multiple Plymount frame sizes. we are planning to add more sizes in both Portrait and Landscape layouts. we have few square shaped plymount designs too. All these plymount frames comes with a stand and you can hang this on a wall too. If you are searching for the Wide Format /HQ plymount prints, you will have to select the normal plymount size and select upgrade option when you are about to pay at the end of the process. Wide Format Plymounts are printed using a special printer which used to print Luxury wedding albums so your print will look in best output colors ( This print is highly recommend for photos taken from DSLR cameras )

Select the size you are going to design and double click the image thumbnail.

PlyMount Photo Frame sizes and prices jamphoto

5. Give a project name

If you are designing multiple gift items at the same time ( Photo books, Mugs, Glass trophy etc.) you can give a name to your project to identify it. when you upload the order we get your order with the project name.

Plymount Photo Frames online design colombo sri lanka

6. Install JamPhoto Software

This is the Designer interface where you going to import your photos and design the Plymount Photo Frame. Please look at the screenshot below and check these three options

  1. Add Image boxes – This is where you add image placeholders. you can add as many as image place holders for your photos or use only one image placeholder and scale it to page full size if you are planning to print only one photo
  2. Add Text boxes – This is where you can add text to your plymount photo frame. You can add multiple text boxes too.
  3. Photo Import option – This is the pictures panel. you can import your photos using this option.

JamPhoto Designer Software

7. Install JamPhoto Software

You can use Photos from Facebook, Flikr, Photos taken from your Phone or Camera

We recommend you to save all the photos in a single folder before importing to the project.

Also make sure you will not rename or move these photos till you finish the design and upload it to our servers. else you will get errors when you are uploading the album.

Click Add Photos Icon and start adding your photos as shown below.


add photos from camera or phone to print photo frames

8. Design your Layout

This is how photo frames and text boxes looks like. as you can see there are few blue color handles to resize the image and text boxes. click on image or text placeholder, then you will see these handles. you will see a green color handle also. you can use it to rotate your image placeholders and text place holders. try those options. if you are planning to print only one photo on your plymount photo frame, you can resize the image placeholder to full width and heigh

Please note only the area inside red lines will be printed.

Plymount Photo frames personalized gifts

9. Try Different Settings on the right side options panel

As you can see below i have added multiple image boxes and text boxes. Also you will see i have used a full size image on the background and reduced opacity to look transparent with the white background. also i have rotated few photo frames and added white border to them. the last one has rounded corners. all the photos are color enhanced. you can add all these effects using the right side options panel. look at the screenshots below.

add your photos and design photo frames online

You can see that the right side panel has 5 tabs. first tab is the basic rotation, border and drop shadow options for image placeholders. second tab is for image enhancements. there is an option called “Auto enhance” you can select it and deselect it to check if the old or new color settings which works fine and use it. third tab is only applicable for text boxes. you can change the font, size and colors. also you can add few more text effects. try all these features so you will be able to design amazing photo gifts for your friends and customers.

photo and text settings designer software

10. Check final preview

Don’t worry about the red color warning message if you are using quality photos. prints will be fine. you can check the final preview using this play button. i will attach a screenshot of the final preview with this image.

photo frame design online

11. Save Before close the project

Go to file menu and save the project so you can modify this again or order it later. if you are ready to order this design you can click on the shopping cart icon and continue the order process. for that click on our Tutorials section for ordering and payment options.

Design photos plymounts online

12. We are here to help

Once you have finished the design you can upload the artwork to our servers. you can pay online or deposit money to our bank accounts.

if you are on a busy schedule or you are not allowed to install softwares on office computers, we can do the design for you. but we will have to hire someone for that so we will add a small design charge for your order if you want us to do the design. Go to our contact page or Facebook page to get our phone numbers or message us via email. also you can message to our facebook page. you will get all the information from our contact page.
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