How to make a Photo Book


Download Our Editor

Click “Download now”. Our Editor will download onto your laptop or desktop. Once it has downloaded add the Editor to your applications. You will be able to return to the Editor at any time. Just look for the Jam photo logo in your applications folder (or on your desktop).


Select Your Book Features

Our Editor wizard will take you through choosing a Photo Book theme, size and orientation.



Upload Your Photos

You will then be asked to upload your photos. You can import them from Facebook, Flickr or straight from your computer. Click on the green cross for import options and follow the prompts. Need more help? Visit our FAQs or download our Handbook.


Drag and Drop Your Photos

Putting your photos into the pages of your Photo Book is as simple as dragging and dropping them. You can make them bigger and smaller, zoom and crop.


Apply Design Options

You can add backgrounds, layouts, masks and lots of other design features to your Book, just by dragging them onto the pages of your Book.



Add Text

Adding text throughout your book is simple! Click on the “Aa+” symbol and a text box will appear. You can change fonts and text size too.



Add Pages

Each book comes with a certain number of pages, depending on size. But you can add more pages by clicking on “Page” in the tool bar, and then selecting “Add”. You can repeat this as many times as you like.



Once you have finished assembling your book you should carefully review it using the “Preview” feature. And then review it again. Check the spelling. Check the photos are just right, and where you want them. Check all the content is within the borders of the page.


Proceed to Shopping Cart

Click the green Shopping Cart in the top right corner.





STEP 10.

Add Finishing Items

Once in the Cart you will be able to add Cover and other Finishing Options.

STEP 11.


Finally, you just need to add your payment details and any voucher codes. Once you confirm your order and make payment, be sure to return to the editor to upload your order to us.

STEP 12.


Your Photo Book should be delivered to you within 5 business days – and usually sooner! We hope you love it!

STEP 13.


We love getting your feedback, so let us know how we did. Do you love your Photo Book? Is there something we could do better? Reply to our feedback email or head over to our Facebook page.