Order upload and payment options

1. Click on the Shopping cart icon

After your have completed your Personalized gift design. go to file menu and save it. Before uploading or processing your order make sure that you have all the photos in same location. otherwise you will get file missing errors when uploading your order.

jamphoto personalized photo gifts design online calendar 2018

Click on the shopping cart icon as shown above to start the uploading process.

2. Check if you have any errors or empty text/image boxes

After clicking on the shopping cart icon, our Software will analyze your design / Covers and pages. it will show a simple list of suggestions and warnings. you don’t have to worry about “Low Quality Pictures” errors if the image looks fine for your eyes. Our software shows “low quality” message for multiple reasons.

You may ignore low quality picture messages but check for “Empty Picture Box” or “Empty Text Box”. if you see empty box errors, select that line and click on View page button.

calendar 2018 sri lanka personalized custom design own photo

Now it will show you the error page so you can fix it. find if there are more empty image boxes or text boxes and fill them before uploading the artwork.

calendar 2018 sri lanka personalized custom design own photo

Don’t worry too much about the low quality image warning. if the image looks ok to your eyes, then you can keep the image as it is. try the “Auto enhance” feature to improve the photo quality a bit.

personalized calendar printing sri lanka

You have to save the project before you proceed to the shopping cart or order checkout process

personalized calendar printing sri lanka

3. Add your order to the Shopping cart or Place your Order now

If you are planning to do the payment and upload you can proceed to the jamphoto secured payment area (Click order now button)

If you have more products to purchase at once or you are going to pay later you can store your order in Shopping cart.

personalized 2018 calendar printing sri lanka

4. Confirm your order, Submit delivery address.

If you are ready to confirm your order and upload files, you can click on “Order now” button on above window. now you will see a simple license agreement before processing to your order.

Select the “I Accept” check box and click start to open the web interface.

personalized 2018 calendar with our photos upload printing sri lanka

5. Login to your account or Create a new Free account

After clicking on the start button on above window, it will open your default web browser and redirect your to our online order confirmation center. you can login to your user account if you already have one or you can simply create a new account. make sure you are using your usual Email address because your order confirmations, delivery information will be sent to this email address.

If you don’t have an account, click on “Create an Account” blue button

custom calendar design using my photos baby wedding friend love school

Once you have created the account, it will automatically redirect you to your shopping cart. it will show your items list. if you want copies of your products you can add them here

jamphoto personalized photo gifts sri lanka online digital printing gifts

6. Confirm Delivery Address, Contact number or Select “Collect from Store”

We have multiple delivery methods or you can come and collect your photo gift items from our office. Some delivery methods will add additional cost to your order. If you are selecting the delivery option make sure you have entered correct address and a contact number. courier company will contact you before delivering the items to confirm the address and ask for directions when they are close to your home or office.

Once the delivery method and shipping address is confirmed click continue to select the payment method and add Vouchers/Gift Cards or Coupon codes.

jamphoto personalized photo gifts sri lanka online digital printing gifts

7. Select Payment method, Add Voucher/Coupon codes or Gift cards if you have any

Now you can select the payment method. you can pay online using a credit/debit card or deposit money directly to our Sampath bank account

you will see the bank account number with Bank deposit option. use “JamPhoto (Pvt) Ltd” as Account name on Sampath bank corporate Branch.

This is where you can enter Coupon/Voucher codes if you have any. you can check our ongoing promotions and discount codes from this link.

jamphoto personalized photo gifts sri lanka online digital printing gifts

Once you have verified delivery address, product price, discounts and total cost, you can click the confirm order button. After confirming the order you will get the confirmation message as well as the confirmation Email with the order number. you can use this order number if you have any inquiries about your order and if you are depositing money to our sampath bank account.

jamphoto personalized photo gifts sri lanka online digital printing gifts

8. Upload your order

Once the order is completed close the web browser tab. our software will detect that you have completed the order and closed the browser window.

then it will ask you to upload the order or save to disk so you can email it to us or bring it on a portable hard disk or a pen drive.

Once you have clicked on upload, our software will slowly upload all the files related to your order. if you have paid using a credit card we will start processing your order within few hours.

if you have selected to deposit money to bank account, we will hold your order in queue till you have paid the order amount to bank and send us a photo of your payment slip.

you can always contact us if you have any requests or questions

jamphoto personalized photo gifts sri lanka online digital printing gifts

jamphoto personalized photo gifts sri lanka online digital printing gifts

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